Terms and conditions

Terms of sale
These general conditions of sale define all necessary information to the customer on how to order, sale, delivery and payment of purchases made on the website Souphina. These conditions govern all steps necessary to accomplish the order and ensure the tracking of this order between the contracting parties.



Orders are valid for five working days and are subject to availability in stock. If there is lack of any product, we undertake to inform the customer and refund you the respective amounts, if it has already made the payment.



The items available in Souphina - Tecidos Gourmet have indicated the selling price in euros, with VAT at the prevailing rate (excluding shipping charges). These prices are subject to change without notice and promotional campaigns are only valid during the announced period.



Souphina - Tecidos Gourmet proposes the following forms of payment: bank transfer, paypal or credit card.

a) If you wish to pay by bank transfer, an email will be sent to you with the necessary information after finalizing your order. The deadline for making a bank transfer is up to 5 working days.

b) PayPal - pay by PayPal can use the following credit cards: VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. Refer to the PayPal site for more information: www.paypal.com.

c) Credit card: This method of payment is through Paypal, without the customer needs to have a Paypal account.


Shipping costs

Two options are presented for international shipping: Registered mail (with tracking information) and Economy mail.

Sending regular mail is slower and not as secure. Souphina – Tecidos Gourmet is not responsible for the loss of orders sent by regular mail.

The shipping cost depends on the weight.


Registered Mail – outside of Europe

- Less than 249gr = € 6.30

- 250gr and 499gr = € 9.50

- 500gr and 999gr = € 16,90

- 1000gr and 2000gr = € 24.60

- above 2000gr = please email us


Economy Mail  – outside of Europe

- Less than 249gr = € 3,95

- 250gr and 499gr = € 6,75

- 500gr and 999gr = € 13,25

- 1000gr and 2000gr = € 20,45

- above 2000gr = please email us


Registered Mail – European countries

 - Menos de 249gr = € 5,45

- 250gr y 499gr = € 6.85

- 500gr y 999gr = € 9,85

- 1000gr y 2000gr = € 15,75

- superior 2000gr = please send us an email


Economy Mail  – European countries

- Menos de 249gr = € 2,60

- 250gr y 499gr = € 4.25

- 500gr y 999gr = € 7,05

- 1000gr y 2000gr = € 12

- superior 2000gr = please send us an email


Delivery of orders

For Europe the delivery of such items is usually a week while the rest of the world should be two weeks.


Suggestions, questions or complaints

Your suggestions, questions or complaints are an excellent opportunity to improve our service, so please contact us via email: mail @ tecidosgourmet.com